BIG GREEN GAZETTE: September 27th, 2020

While this is certainly a *different* way to start the school year, we are just as excited to have you all starting out as new members of the Dartmouth family. Creating positive change in the world is hard work that requires a strong community of support. Our staff of 6 has been working hard to create ways of building our sustainability community in safe and meaningful ways so we can tackle the sustainability challenges facing us today with creativity, passion, and action. Even though we have the next four years to get to know you all, we want to get started NOW! So whether you are on campus or far away, welcome to the sustainability community at Dartmouth.


For those of you new to the scene, the Dartmouth Sustainability Office works to challenge and empower Dartmouth College and students to solve the human and environmental problems presented by a rapidly changing planet. Those challenges connect to the environment, policy, justice, design, finance, food and more. We do this via hands-on learning, building inclusive community, and transforming campus operations.

The sustainability community is a broad and diverse group of first years, upperclassmen, faculty, staff, alums, and community members. We need you! No matter your identities, experience, or academic interests, YOUR ideas matter to us. Everyone has something to bring. We can’t make the world a better, more sustainable place unless our solutions are informed by everyone who is affected by those human and environmental challenges.


Students are an integral part of this work! In our Office, nearly all of our programs and initiatives were started by students identifying a need or opportunity, pitching an excellent idea, and following up to make it happen! From Dartmouth Bikes and the Sustainability Action Program to the Sustainable Living Center and the Dartmouth Organic Farm, students have been the driving force behind making these programs a reality. As a Dartmouth student, you will have the opportunity to change Dartmouth for the better and to help Dartmouth be a leader in sustainability.  In short, Dartmouth will change you, and you will change Dartmouth. 


Sound good to you? Great! We can't wait to get started. 





Below is a map that is a true community collaboration, featuring places across campus and town that hold meaning for our students. Each place on the map and the blurb that accompanies it was submitted by a member of our student community to reflect the places that have made Hanover feel like home to them. 


While we know you are itching to get outside and start exploring, our expectation and that of the College is that you will wait to do any in-person exploring until you are released from your quarantine period. After week 3, if you meet all the COVID standards, you will be allowed to move about campus and the surrounding community and towns. During that time, please remember to be respectful of of our community by wearing masks, maintaining ample social distancing, and gathering in groups smaller than 10 people. If you have questions about these expectations, please refer to the guidelines set by the College. Until week 3, please explore this map virtually and start planning your adventures!

Our community thanks you for following the rules at this time. 



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