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The Senior Sustainability Consultancy gives Dartmouth seniors get real-world, sustainability problem solving experience here at Dartmouth. We match student teams to projects defined by staff across campus. The goal is for students to learn consulting methodology and use it to effectively address a “client’s” challenge. The program guides students through the steps of understanding a client's needs, collecting information, and producing a high quality product.  In our first two years, student Sustainability Consultants provided valuable information and insight into decisions being made in the areas of waste diversion, employee wellness, snow removal, food sourcing, and student health services. For offices on campus, sponsoring a Sustainability Consultancy project yields a quality deliverable (usually in the form of a presentation, data analysis tool, white paper or web-based tool), additional bandwidth to solve a problem creatively, and the opportunity to improve sustainability. Consultancy projects are multifaceted and conducive to teamwork. With the support of Dartmouth senior consultants, staff across campus are able to explore ideas they care about, and that, with a little push, they would take action on in the near term.

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