Wednesday, May 13th

5:30 PM EDT

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Sustainability and Social Justice is an annual event exploring the intersection of sustainability and social justice movements across spectra. This year’s theme, "The Power of Youth," seeks to highlight growing movements led by young activists and the people powering them, across economic, racial and environmental justices. The goal of this year’s event is to harness this energy and catalyze a movement at Dartmouth to not just envision the world we want, but to make it a reality. 


Climate change and social justice issues impact everyone - from the individual level to the global scale. The next generation of leaders will bear the burden of a rapidly changing planet and the inequalities it produces, therefore it’s up to us to lift up and mobilize students to secure a just and equitable future for all. By centering the work of youth activists, of all backgrounds and identities, we will create a space where the Dartmouth community can come together to learn, connect, and take action - even in difficult times. Particularly during this time of isolation, it’s important that we explore the unique challenges and opportunities of remote organizing, the need and struggle for self-sustainability, and the importance of coalition-building. 


We’re excited to hear about our speakers’ particular passions and areas of interest, the different types of activism they engage with, and their journeys in pursuing this work.

Meet our speakers

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Johnny Sanchez is from Ohkay Owingeh, NM and graduated from Dartmouth College in 2018. After graduating, he worked at The Mountain School in Vermont as an assistant farm manager before starting a masters program at the University of Maine in sustainable agriculture with a focus on weed ecology. He's been involved with the No Coal No Gas campaign since September 2019. They are a grassroots coalition of several environmental groups with the goal to shut down the Merrimack Power Generating Station, which is the last large coal-fired power plant in New England without a shut down date. He's taken part in several direct actions, including coal train blockades.



Mariana Peñaloza Morales (‘22) is a South American organizer, prison abolitionist, creative, and Aries stellium from Miami, FL. In Miami, she worked for and organized with Engage Miami and the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) around issues like climate gentrification and the creative arts, and she is also a member of the Dream Defenders. At Dartmouth, Mariana studies Geography and Lusophone Studies modified with Latin American, Latinx, and Caribbean Studies. Mariana is part of the collective that started the Dartmouth Student Union (DSU) amidst the COVID-19 global health pandemic to provide networks of care and mutual aid for students facing heightened vulnerabilities. 

Mariana Peñaloza Morales 


Guided by the call to transmute the legacy of her first settler ancestors, Morgan Curtis ‘14 is dedicated to working with her fellow people with wealth, class and/or white privilege towards redistribution, atonement and reparations. Her work catalyzes the healing of relationship with self, other, family and the land, enabling the release of control so that money and power can move towards social, environmental and economic justice. At Dartmouth, she helped found Divest Dartmouth, the campaign for fossil fuel divestment, and continues to organize alumni to that end through Dartmouth Alumni for Climate Action. She is passionate about youth organizing, ancestral healing, grief work and direct action. Morgan is a resident of Canticle Farm, an interracial, interfaith, intergenerational community in occupied Ohlone territory (known as Oakland, CA). You can learn more about her work at, and the movement of young people with wealth/class privilege towards redistribution and social justice at

Morgan Curtis

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