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Every one of our programs started with a student with a passionate idea and the gumption to see it through. We provide students with support, guidance, tools, baked goods and the occasional reality check as they work from an idea to an applicable, feasible solution for a sustainability challenge. Some of our programs are long standing  and are making incremental improvements in areas we’ve been focused on for a long time. Others are taking on something new or are bringing a fresh approach to a persistent challenge.


We support student clubs and groups, student-led projects, independent studies, research and internships. We also run programs that provide training to our students, to develop the expertise, tools and networks that will enable them to successfully turn the world’s sustainability challenges into their opportunities.  

Got an idea? We want to hear it! Visit us at OFFICE HOURS every Thursday from 12-2pm in Robinson Hall, room108! We always have delicious baked goods. 

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