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The Sustainability Leadership Program supports an annual cohort of 15-20 upperclass students with a toolkit, community, and leadership skills to address multifaceted environmental, social, political, and economic issues. Students involved in this capstone program will meet once per week during the academic term for 2 hours, attend a day-long retreat each term, and receive one-on-one coaching with identified alumni, community members, and program leaders. Our hope is that this program will help students identify their personal values and connect those values to a vision of how to create change in the world post–Dartmouth.

This program is a partnership between the Dartmouth Sustainability Office and the Sustainable Leaders Network, with special thanks to Edie Farwell.


  • Learn a suite of tools and frameworks through which to address complex sustainability challenges including systems thinking, design thinking, visioning, reflective conversation, active listening, organizational change, and more.

  • Engage in team building with a cohort of sustainability-minded Dartmouth students in order to foster lifelong colleagues, get feedback from peers, and practice skills for effective relationship building.

  • Identify your core values and be inspired to address and aspire toward sustainability in all facets of life and work at and beyond Dartmouth.


  • Ability to commit to weekly 2-hour workshops during fall, winter, and spring terms.

  • Attendance at 3 termly day-long retreats.

  • Engagement in one-on-one coaching conversations with an identified coach.

  • Interest and desire to get to know a diverse community of juniors and seniors interested in sustainability, and active engagement with this community throughout the year.


  • To turn your diverse, yet overlapping academic interests, (or double interdisciplinary major & two minors) into a career that creates meaningful change


  • To turn your major that you don’t think is sustainability related into a sustainability career


  • To transform your sustainability passions into a way of life post Dartmouth (maybe as part of your career or not!)


  • To meet a new community of peers and support, collaborate, ideate, and commiserate with them through senior year and beyond

  • To tie a bow around your sustainability work at Dartmouth and focus on how that work now advance you as a change agent


  • To connect with alumni and experienced coaches and mentors who can provide feedback and help you reflect on how to move through life’s transitions


  • To learn and practice a set of skills that will serve you throughout your life by helping you lead yourself and others in a positive direction


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