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In 2018, Dartmouth hosted its first Sustainability Summit. This full-day event brought together student leaders from higher-education institutions across the region, including University of Vermont, MIT, McGill, Concordia, Bowdoin, and Dartmouth to develop their sustainability visions, learn about green career opportunities, build inter-campus connections, and create new sustainability initiatives. 


Alyssa Gao '20, who spearheaded the planning and development of the summit, was inspired to create this event as a way for campus communities to share and build upon their colleges' sustainability experiences. Gao hoped that this event would "encourage students to think critically about sustainability and reflect on their ability to bring about change on college campuses." (Read the full article here.)


  • 2nd Annual Sustainability Summit will be held at Dartmouth on Saturday, April 13th, 2019 

  • Details TBA



Planning the Sustainability Summit is an empowering and rewarding experience in which committee members bring their vision to life by helping to shape all aspects of the summit, including budgeting, programming, outreach, and logistics.


  • MISSION:We strive to provide an opportunity for student sustainability leaders from schools around the region to build a support network, share successful initiatives, discuss challenges, and learn from one another to better tackle sustainability issues at our respective institutions.

  • VISION:Our hope is that student leaders in sustainability will connect with and inspire one another, as we continue tackling sustainability issues at our respective schools, with the new ability to reach out to fellow student leaders at other universities. 

  • GET INVOLVED:Does this sound interesting to you?  Join the Sustainability Summit Planning Committee! To get involved, email or come to a meeting, Wednesdays at 5:30 in Hornig Library (first floor Fairchild).  

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