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2017 Sustainable Moving Sale

For over 10 years, the Sustainable Moving Sale has been a fixture of orientation week. Set up on the Gold Coast lawn off Tuck Drive, the sale is an opportunity for incoming students to buy gently-used mini fridges, lamps, textbooks, storage bins, clothes hangers, sports equipment, bikes and more. The process behind the sale began months before. When students move out of their dorms in the spring, they can leave items they do not want to take with them at specific 'drop zones'. These items are collected by our Sustainable Moving Sale team and taken to a large warehouse across the Ledyard bridge in Norwich. The team then spends a summer internship organizing, cleaning and testing all of the items to make sure they work and are in sellable shape. Through this recycling and reusing method, students are not only preventing items which still have plenty of wear in them from going prematurely into landfills, but they are reducing the number of new items which must be purchased new, therefore saving themselves money. The Sustainable Moving Sale was a great hit this year, making over $8,000. This money goes directly towards funding the Sustainable Moving Sale internships and grants. A shout out to the local chapter of The Sierra Club, who volunteers every year to help us with organization and monetary transactions. Check out some photos from the event below!

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