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Founded by in 2011, Dartmouth Bikes is a student-driven program that offers bike related services to the Dartmouth community. Our mission is to expand biking at Dartmouth and to develop a healthy biking culture here.


Dartmouth Bikes was originally founded to reduce bike waste on campus. Each year, more than 100 student bikes are abandoned -- left rusting on bike racks over the long winter, or forgotten in far off parking spots where they become an eyesore and take up valuable rack space. To turn this bike problem into an opportunity, students advocated for a Dartmouth Bikes Policy that allows the Sustainability Office to refurbish abandoned bikes, then sell them to students interested in purchasing low-cost, used bicycles. Proceeds from bike sales fund

  • Pop-Up Bike Shops

  • Open Mechanic Hours, where students, faculty, and staff can get their bikes repaired by trained student mechanics

  • Improved bike infrastructure on campus

  • Bike rentals program that rents bikes to students on a termly basis - eliminating the hassle of maintaining and storing a bike.

Dartmouth Bikes wouldn’t be possible without support from Residential Operations, Safety & Security, Athletics, Facilities, Operations & Maintenance, the Outdoor Programs Office and a number of other campus groups.

  • Individual Shop Appointments

  • Pop-Up Bike Shops (PUBS)

  • Dartmouth Bikes Rentals

  • DIY Bike Repair Stands on campus

  • Bike Confiscation

  • Bike Sales

  • Bike Mechanics Training Workshop

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