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In recent years, students have exhibited a substantial increase in interest in food and farming systems, but no comprehensive course offerings exist yet at Dartmouth to fill this need. Fortunately, our location in New England offers fertile ground for the study and experience of vibrant agricultural networks, and we believe there’s no better way for students to learn than being on the ground, getting their hands dirty. The New England Food Immersion Program will provide students the opportunity to dive into the food system to learn not only how food gets to our tables, but how food shapes and is shaped by our environment, our communities, and our culture. 


With this program, we hope to meet with many different stakeholders from across the food system to gain a broad understanding of how our food system works and the factors that influence how food is produced, including farmers, policymakers, activists and advocates, holders of local knowledge, and scholars. 


As students learn about the challenges, opportunities, and people that shape our food systems, students will also gain skills in problem assessment, reflection, and creating dialogue across differences. We hope students in this program will leave with a deeper sense of place and their individual position within our vast food landscape.  

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WHEN: Two weekends and three evening sessions during the summer term.

  • Weekend 1:

    • Wednesday, July 26th- 5:30-7pm @ Sustainability Office

      • Education session & dinner- on campus

    • Friday-Sunday, July 28th-30th

      • Farm experiences & field trips- various locations, transportation provided

  • Weekend 2: 

    • Wednesday, August 2nd @ 5:30-7pm @ Sustainability Office

      • Education session & dinner- on campus

      • Friday-Sunday, August 4th-6th

        • Farm experiences & field trips- various locations, transportation provided

  • Closing Dinner: 

    • Wednesday, August 9th- 5:30-7pm @ the O Farm

      • Closing dinner & reflection


WHERE: Various locations throughout the Upper Valley of NH and VT


HOW TO APPLY: Applications are due Sunday, July 2nd by 10PM. Apply via the link below!


  • How are food producers changing and adapting as our climate changes? How can farmers play a role in our climate solutions? Can farmers use climate-friendly practices and sustain a healthy business?

  • How do social, political, and economic factors impact the production, processing, and accessibility of the food that we eat? 

    • What constraints do farmers face that impact their decision making?

  • How do we, as eaters, create just and sustainable change in the food system? What does a just and sustainable food system look/feel/taste like?

  • In what ways are culture, landscape, and food linked together?

  • How do our identities shape our experiences in the food system?

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