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Spend spring break with Dartmouth's premiere MAPLE SYRUP  Crew! Learn how to make maple syrup, play in the sugar bush, meet friends, tap trees, and go on field trips in VT and NH!


  • Sugar Crew is a group of students who run the maple sugaring operation at the Dartmouth Organic Farm from start to finish.

  • We have the opportunity to learn the entire process of maple syrup production- tapping trees, boiling sap, tasting syrup, processing the syrup, and selling our finished product to the rest of campus.

  • The Crew will spend time snowshoeing in our sugar bush, checking taps, collecting buckets, chopping wood, stoking the fire, and being at the farm with the team.


  • Sugar Crew is more than just a spring break experience! Because maple sugaring is a process dependent on climate and seasonal weather changes, we are entirely at the will of the trees and weather and flexibility is essential if you are interested in being on the Sugar Crew this year. Our season usually lasts from February to April.

  • WINTER TERM: About 2 hours per week working out at the farm with farm club to prepare for the sap run

  • SPRING BREAK: Farmy fun from the evening of March 12th - March 22nd. We will live on campus, cooking and eating meals together, making syrup, hosting events, going on awesome experiential learning field trips, and learning about the history and importance of sugaring in this region.

  • SPRING TERM: About 3 hours per week wrapping up the season and marketing our delicious product!

** Please be sure you can commit to the whole program before applying. If you are off winter or spring, just let us know!**


  • Camping out in Hinman cabin for two nights

  • Visiting large maple syrup dispensaries and small scale maple sugaring operations

  • Traveling to Burlington to visit UVM’s maple research center and spend a day in the city

  • Cooking meals together

  • Learning about the historical and cultural implications of sugaring, including from an indigenous perspective

  • Eating copious amounts of pancakes and waffles

  • And many more exciting things still in the works!


  • Do not need prior experience sugaring!

  • Will be excited to commit fully to the Crew by being present for work days and spring break, embracing new perspectives pertaining to sugaring’s historical and cultural relevance, and learning the sugaring process

  • Will bring a diversity of identities to the Crew and be willing to listen to, learn from, and respect those of different backgrounds

  • Will work harmoniously with other Crew members and will contribute to a positive team environment


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