Welcome to the Sustainability Office! Our mission is to challenge and empower Dartmouth College and our students to engage with the intersectional human and environmental problems of a rapidly changing planet. We work collaboratively to create a just future via hands-on learning, building community, supporting research and teaching, and transforming campus operations.



  • Students of all identities feel that they and all their intersections are embraced and lifted up by the sustainability community.

  • Students interested in sustainability feel nurtured, cared about and supported. They are and feel a part of the sustainability community. 

  • All students understand how sustainability is relevant to them and to other issues they care about, are motivated to address those issues, and are equipped with the skills they need to effectively create change and communicate about it.

  • Students, staff, and faculty are empowered to contribute to and effect change here, and carry those skills and tools with them into their communities.

  • Dartmouth students are aware of and invested in the Upper Valley community and they collaborate with that community towards a just and sustainable future. 

  • Campus operations prioritize human and environmental well-being. Sustainability is centered in operational decision making. Dartmouth pilots and practices the best solutions here. Students are informed about campus operations and learn about related decision-making processes. 

  • Dartmouth is a leader in providing the world with the research, innovations, teaching models, and human capital needed to tackle global sustainability challenges.


(If you read this list, you will get a sense for who we are and how we function.)


  • We actively create an office where everyone feels welcome and valued. We prioritize individual well-being and happiness and encourage genuine connections with and amongst our students. 

  • We embrace challenging conversations, opportunities for growth, and diverse experiences and perspectives.

  • We pause to reflect on our work and its impact, seeking positive and negative feedback. 

  • We strive to make changes in response to critical feedback, supporting people of all backgrounds. This includes confronting microaggressions that may perpetuate a harmful environment.

  • We work to center the voices of marginalized people and we strive to be actively anti racist. 

  • We don’t tolerate hate. 

  • We recognize that sustainability problems are systemic, multifaceted, and impact people in disparate and disproportionate ways. Therefore, diverse points of view are necessary for generating effective solutions. We prioritize hands-on sustainability learning and collaboration amongst diverse, interdisciplinary groups of students, faculty and staff to generate effective solutions that are just, equitable, and accessible to all people. 

  • We value collaboration and we strive to build strong and lasting partnerships that are mutually beneficial and supportive.

  • We care about Dartmouth, and take pride in working here. We are invested in our community and we strive to embody what is most positive about this place when working on solutions within our institution.

  • We are committed to challenging this place because we care about it. 

  • Our team focuses its energies on solutions rather than problems. We are creative and open-minded in pursuing diverse and multifaceted solutions.

  • We fearlessly brainstorm new ideas and thoughtfully act on them.

  • We foster engagement with the human and environmental challenges of a rapidly changing planet across a spectrum from understanding to action.

  • The Sustainability Office fuels our students’ passions, creativity, and determination!

  • We actively educate ourselves about the cutting edge of sustainability solutions and the big picture of global sustainability. We are constantly learning! 

  • We work with a sense of team adventure, and seek to spark moments and spaces of joy. 

  • We strive to lead among sustainability offices and to collaborate on best practices.






ROSI KERR aims to help transform Dartmouth into a global leader of sustainability scholarship, education and action. Rosi brings experience in community-based energy systems, energy markets, environmental nonprofits and organizational change to her role at Dartmouth. Rosi loves doing fun things with her kids, the far North, hiking, rowing, bikes (especially old ones) and cooking brunch.



LAURA BRAASCH manages programs and operations at the Dartmouth Organic Farm. She supports faculty teaching and research on the farm site and engages students in hands on learning about sustainable agriculture and food systems. Laura also manages our digital media and website, finding new ways to creatively share our stories. When she's not at the farm, Laura enjoys playing the mandolin, taking photos, letterpressing, and rock climbing. 


MOLLY MCBRIDE is thrilled to be back at Dartmouth and working on the Organic Farm! She is a Dartmouth '15 with a double major in math and studio art. She joined us in the Summer of 2019 to help support the Organic Farm, including deepening our support of research and teaching at the farm and growing things! Molly has continued to pursue her art seriously since college. Molly loves being an aunt, cooking and baking, listening to music, reading, and hanging out with family and friends. Molly also greatly enjoys and seeks opportunities for learning and spending time outside - both through farming and activities like hiking, biking, and paddling.



MARCUS WELKER trains student analysts and supports their work to conduct measurement and assessment studies. He is responsible for the college’s carbon accounting, greenhouse gas emissions accounting, resource inventories, and annual reporting to assess our progress towards goals in energy, food, water and waste systems and in sustainability planning. Marcus loves hiking, biking, swimming, playing Ultimate frisbee, keeping bees, and cooking and spending time with family and friends.


YOLANDA HUERTA is a Dartmouth '19 who majored in environmental studies major with a studio art minor. Yolanda supports student programming, supervises interns including our Sustainability Action Program interns and works at the intersection of sustainability and social justice. Yolanda has a passion for justice issues including environmental, immigration, and intersectional issues which she takes on in her work outside the office, as an organizer. In her free time, she enjoys music, making art, listening to slam poetry, and cooking recipe's her Mama gave her. She is also an advocate for making space and centering mindfulness practices. 



Join a club, become an intern, volunteer- check out opportunities to get involved and become a sustainability leader on campus!

DALIA RODRIGUEZ CASPETA is a Dartmouth '18 who majored in Environmental Studies and Women, Gender and Sexuality. In her time as a student, Dalia has worked in our office as an intern on projects including Sugar Crew, Ecoreps and Moving Sale. She hopes to work on access to resources and the outdoors specifically for marginalized communities. Her passions are to mentor and create spaces for individuals that might not have had prior access to them. She loves going on road trips and exploring new places around the New England area. Dalia loves thrift shopping, dogs, rugby and good Mexican food.



Sustainability problems are systemic and multifaceted. Therefore diverse points of view are necessary for generating effective solutions. As part of our vision for successfully carrying out our mission statement, we imagine a Dartmouth where diverse interdisciplinary groups of students, faculty, and staff come together to develop solutions that are just, equitable, and available to all people. Additionally, we envision a future in which campus operations are reimagined to prioritize human and environmental wellbeing.

We know that our work in inclusivity is never done and we aim to create a culture that is always striving towards a better vision for the future. If you have thoughts on what we could be doing better, we love to hear feedback! You can talk to us at Office Hours (Thursdays from 12-2pm in Robinson 108), send us an email, or leave anonymous feedback through our feedback form.