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The Sustainable Living Center (SLC) is a sustainability themed Living Learning Community located in North Hall. Students living in the SLC learn how to reduce their environmental impact by minimizing energy inputs and waste outputs, growing food in the house's vegetable garden, dividing house chores, and by participating in the food co-op program. The community offers academic and social programs including community dinners, discussion groups, workshops, and access to sustainability events and resources on campus.


At the SLC, we welcome residents who are new to sustainability as well as residents with lots of sustainability experience. Residents bring a wide variety of interests and backgrounds to the program. We expect all residents to be passionate, open, and willing to participate and learn. At the SLC, we strive to create a place where residents are enthusiastically engaged, excited to meet new people, and committed to building a healthy, happy home on campus.


All SLC residents are expected to:


  • Participate in the food Co-op including a financial commitment of $600 per term. This amount will be covered by the savings from being able to elect an off-campus meal plan for this community. 

  • Cook one Sunday evening house dinner during the term

  • Attend weekly Sunday evening house dinners and meetings

  • Do two house grocery shopping trips to the Hanover Co-op per term

  • Sign up for a house "chore" each term. House chores include organizing social and community building events for residents, connecting with faculty and driving academic enrichment of the program, cleaning the kitchen, organizing the living room, overseeing the house’s compost, creating art, and more!


To apply, visit the Living Learning Communities page. 

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