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We believe there's no replacement for learning through experience. See what opportunities await!


Immerse yourself.

Immersive learning starts from day one at Dartmouth. Whether going on a once-in-a-lifetime break trip experience, getting your bike tuned up at our campus bike shop, or just hanging out in our vibrant community, we are here to help you grow into a passionate and effective change maker. Check out our programs and find your fit in our community! We believe in collaborative learning, using our campus and region as a lab, and place-based community-led solutions. 


Sustainability Action Program

Aimed at first-year students, this program is a year-long deep dive in design thinking approach, tackling real sustainability challenges on campus, and building a community while you're at it!

Sustainability Corps

Data and metrics are a huge part of measuring our progress towards sustainability goals- Our Sustainability Corps is a team that works to analyze, strategize, and report on Dartmouth's sustainability progress, helps refine goals, and communicates the path forward for our campus. 


Join Dartmouth Sustainability's robust intern team and get paid to work on real sustainability initiatives on campus! We have over 30 interns working on projects from wildflower gardens, reusable tumbler programs, waste diversion, campus thrift stores, organic farming, data & metrics, and more!!

Dartmouth Organic Farm

Dartmouth's 200 acre educational farm is a hub for teaching, research, and experiential learning! See what we're up to and how we are contributing to a just and sustainable food system. 

Sustainable Moving Sale

Hosted over orientation week, the SMS has all of your dorm room essentials- donated items are cleaned, refurbished, and resold at an affordable price! Each year we prevent tons of items from ending up in landfills (and we make the college experience a little bit more affordable!)

Immersion Learning Trips

Dive into the challenges and opportunities of our most complex sustainability problems on one of our sustainability immersion trips.

Dartmouth Bikes

Our student-run bike shop repairs, rents, refurbishes all bikes on campus! Get your bike tuned up by one of our skilled student mechanics, or get trained to be a bike mechanic yourself!

Sustainable Living Center

Our residential sustainability community living and learning together. Learn more and apply to join the SLC!

Free Market Thrift Store

Our FREE campus thirft store is student-run and diverts clothing waste from landfills. Check out our open shop hours, or volunteer to help us restock and collect donations!

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