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The Sustainability Action Program (SAP) is focused on first years and is dedicated to enabling YOU to become an effective change agent. In SAP, you will have the chance to meet and interact with other first years, upperclass students and staff working on sustainability projects on campus.


In a series of workshops, field trips, fun dinners, activities and projects, the program will orient you within the Sustainability community at Dartmouth and engage you in making positive change with other first years!


Example events:

  • Trips to the Organic Farm: pizza dinners, workdays and more!

  • Power Plant Tour

  • Nathan’s Garden Adventure

  • Volunteering with Local Food Organization

  • Design Thinking Workshops


In the fall, we will focus on learning about what has already been done, lessons learned trying to make Dartmouth more sustainable and we will train you to be change makers by equipping you with tools such as design thinking, systems thinking, and behavior change theory. Then during the Winter and Spring YOU (and a team of fellow SAPs) will design and implement a project that makes Dartmouth even greener (get it? Big Green?).


** No sustainability experience needed, come learn and grow with us**

** If you're a sustainability PRO, come learn how to get stuff done here at Dartmouth, meet people and start changing the world today!**


Applications are due SEPTEMBER 17th! 

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