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Greener together.

is our moment.

Why us? Why now?

As the effects of climate change become more urgent each day, our response must meet the moment. Dartmouth has a responsibility to act and we are uniquely positioned to drive climate solutions—focusing on our unique sense of place, our history and ties to Native and Indigenous communities, our rural, cold-climate location, and, of course, talented and tireless community. 

Dartmouth Climate Collaborative

The Dartmouth Climate Collaborative is a renewal of our commitment to meaningfully address climate change and sustainability at Dartmouth and beyond. We know the best solutions come when diverse perspectives are at the table, and this collaborative seeks to do just that, galvanizing the collective power of our community to realize a more sustainable, enduring future for us all. Over the next five years, Dartmouth will invest more than $500 million in capital improvements to accelerate our campus decarbonization efforts and meet new carbon goals to reduce emissions on campus 60% by 2030, and 100% by 2050.

Fern Leaves

Pillars of Action


Dartmouth Sustainability, in collaboration with partners across campus, is working on a complete transformation of our campus energy system. Decarbonizing is complex, but we have a plan to get to carbon zero by 2050. Through a combination of energy efficiency, production, and distribution projects, we will reduce our campus carbon emissions to zero.


Experiential learning is essential to creating effective changemakers. Involving students in the process of developing and implementing real sustainability solutions on our campus and in our region gives our students a foundation of understanding that will prepare them for becoming movers and shakers in the world. 


Every student at Dartmouth should leave with an understanding of sustainability and why action is so important. Incorporating sustainability into the curriculum in innovative ways is essential for shaping the next generation of thoughtful leaders. The Dartmouth Climate Futures Initiative will be a first step towards imagining what this will look like. 


Supporting Dartmouth faculty and students to take on critical climate and sustainability research remains core to mission. Dartmouth researchers’ expertise, passion, and tenacity will help the world unlock solutions to complex climate problems.

Campus Operations:
Our Approach

Our road map to a sustainable campus.

In 2023, Dartmouth Sustainability worked with faculty, staff, students and community experts to evaluate our campus operations and chart a path forward for each category. While we still have a long way to go, we feel this community-led process will lead us to a sustainable Dartmouth we could not have possibly imagined on our own! 

The following are the set of recommended goals and strategies that resulted from our community process. 

Forest Path

Landscape & Ecology


Dartmouth will leverage its landscapes and land holdings to cultivate sustainable, thriving ecosystems.

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Dartmouth  will use its resources to advance sustainability and equity across our broader Upper Valley community. 

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