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June 4th-12th, 2024 | Akureyri, Húsavík, & Reykjavík 



The Dartmouth Sustainability Office and the Institute of Arctic Studies are partnering to offer an immersive trip to explore sustainability transitions in Iceland. Iceland’s unique intersection of geographic location, resource availability, and cultural development make it a rich learning environment to explore the ways in which a small country undergoes sustainability transitions. How is Iceland playing a role in facilitating sustainable transitions globally? How have Icelanders been thinking about protecting and adapting foodways, economy, and culture as the climate changes? In this trip, we will explore the complex ways in which natural resources shape and create a culture. 


Iceland is also adapting rapidly to a changing economy as tourism is becoming one of the main pillars of the country’s economy. On this trip, we will not only be tourists ourselves, but we will learn about the ways communities are working to accommodate the changes in tourism and planning for the sustainability implications that come with expanding tourism.  

Trip Overview


Students will travel to Iceland for this trip, and will engage with different energy systems, Icelandic partners, the landscape, and educational institutes. The immersive nature of the trip will include hiking, travel on boats, and hours of travel along winding Icelandic roads. Aspects of the trip will center around policy, science, community engagement, and stewardship. We will meet with scientists, tourism industry professionals, policymakers, sustainability enterprises, and commercial industry experts. 


  • Must be on campus for the 24S term to participate in preparatory education sessions. 

  • Must have previous participation in either Arctic Innovation Scholars Program or a Sustainability Office Program (Sustainability Action Program, internships, SLC, etc.)

  • Students applying should be aware that the dates of travel do fall during senior week and graduation at Dartmouth. 




An estimated $250 covers all travel expenses, programming, housing, and food for the entire duration of the trip. Need-based financial aid is available up to 100%. We work to grant aid in partnership with the Financial Aid Office after acceptance on the trip.


Participants should be 


  • Curious and self-motivated learners

  • Have a demonstrated passion for sustainability or Arctic studies

  • Sense of adventure

  • Ability to cooperate with others

  • Comfortable sharing thoughts and discussing with others

  • Ability to adapt to new and sometimes challenging situations that may put you outside of your comfort zone. 


** Applications are due February 11th, 2024 by 11:59 PM**

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Staff Contacts





Questions? Join us at our info session to meet staff, ask your questions, and learn more about our itinerary and learning goals!

February 6th | 12:15-1:30pm

Sustainability Office | Irving 180

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