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3,500,000 gallons: The amount of Number Six Fuel Oil Dartmouth burns each year to heat our campus buildings.


1,000,000 gallons: The reduction in annual Number Six Fuel Oil consumption since 2010 due to more efficient buildings and energy retrofits.

50,000 MWh: The amount of electricity Dartmouth purchases from the grid.

4300: The number of undergraduates at Dartmouth.


7,500,000: The number of pounds of waste that Dartmouth produces each year.

2,700,000: The amount of this waste that is diverted from landfill to recycling or compost.


36,000,000: The number of gallons of water used in Dartmouth’s residence halls.


65,000 metric tons: The amount of carbon dioxide equivalent that Dartmouth generates each year, in our Scope 1 and 2 emissions. (These are the emissions we directly generate or that are generated in the production of electricity that we consume.)


237 acres: The size of our main campus.


30,000 acres: The amount of land that Dartmouth owns and manages.

* All numbers are approximations based on 2015 annual data.

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