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Winterim Wanderings

Given the diversity of interests represented in the Dartmouth student body, we're not surprised to learn about the myriad of different adventures Dartmouth students pursued over winterim. From Antarctica to Big Bend National Park in Texas, students kept busy! Read on for some snapshots of how Dartmouth students spent their winter break.

Sam Seifert ‘20 Backpacking through the mountains and valleys of Big Bend National Park in Texas, I thought to myself "there's no way it gets better than this". Then, we would rise above the ridge, and there it was—better. This winter break I joined up with DOC's Cabin and Trail to spend a week backpacking through Texas with 14 other students. While it was dirty and exhausting, it offered amazing views of the immense park and an opportunity to meet new and exciting people in an environment unlike any other. While I could have enjoyed the mountains and break without them, I would argue that sharing the vast beauty of the world with others was the best way to find something "better" during winter break.

Joanne Nazareth ‘17 I spent December 18-28, 2016 aboard the Akademik Ioffe. I was enrolled in an Antarctica study abroad program with the College at Brockport SUNY, in which I calculated the carbon footprint of our ship and analyzed the exponential increase in Antarctic tourism for the ecotourism group. The ability to study abroad while getting to hike, camp, and meet people from around the world enticed me to visit the region. It was a truly sublime experience, and having the opportunity to interact with penguins, whales, and seals, in their natural habitat was a bonus.

I was able to experience total mindfulness on the expedition, as everyday stresses such as my job and schoolwork seemed minimal in comparison to the vast region. I learned that it is never too late or a waste of time, money, and effort to seek out new opportunities and can genuinely say that I learned more on this trip than any of my former experiences abroad. I am constantly brainstorming changes to make within my circles in order to protect the Polar Regions and hope to keep building upon my experiences to become an active Antarctic ambassador for years to come.

Julian Marcu ‘18 "This year I had the privilege of spending my winter break studying and experiencing life in one of the most sustainable cities in the world. My break was actually an extension of an amazing program offered by the Dartmouth Sociology Department- the Copenhagen Exchange Program. While abroad I played on three basketball teams including a Danish professional team called the Stevnsgade Supermen. I spent a lot of my free time going to school-sponsored events and dinner parties where I made many new friends from Denmark and all around the world. As destiny would have it, I bumped into a Dartmouth alumna at a local coffee shop and became good friends with her as well. Following my passion for eco-entrepreneurship, I attended the University Startup World Cup which happened to be in Copenhagen! I got very close to my two Danish mentors, Marie and Sophia, while we had an amazing time exploring Copenhagen together. I was even able to travel to London, Paris, Edinburgh, and Stockholm during a couple of long weekends."

Lauren Gruffi ‘17 This past winterim, I traveled to South Africa as part of a course extension for Anthropology 70 "Experiencing Human Origins and Evolution," a new course offered in the anthropology department in collaboration with the experiential learning initiative at the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning. Overall, my 20-day field experience in South Africa was absolutely incredible; from digging at hominid-bearing cave sites, to watching the sun set over the red dunes of the Kalahari Desert, to staring in awe from atop Table Mountain, this once in a lifetime journey brought learning alive and taught me the immense value of experiential learning.

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