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Update to Inclusivity & Diversity Action Plan

As part of our vision for successfully carrying out our mission statement, we imagine a Dartmouth where diverse interdisciplinary groups of students, faculty, and staff come together to develop solutions that are just, equitable, and available to all people. The Sustainability Office Inclusivity & Diversity Action Plan is a framework to help the Sustainability Office and the sustainability community better support justice & activism efforts on campus.

We’ve highlighted our progress made during the 2017 spring term below. This has always been envisioned as a working document and we love getting feedback from community members on what we could add, do differently, and do better!

Spring 2017: All student interns made a commitment to inclusivity, built on the theme of getting out of comfort zones and trying to walk in the shoes of others on campus. Every intern committed to attended an event that they wouldn’t typically attend as part of their internship and was asked to reflect on the experience in their debrief form at the end of the term.

April 2017: Two staff members (Sustainability Fellow Annelise Sauter & Assistant Director Jenna Musco) attended the Implicit Bias Training offered by the Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity. One staff member (Director Rosi Kerr) attended mandatory, day-long training provided by Provost Division.

April 2017: We hosted the 7th Annual Sustainability & Social Justice Dinner featuring social entrepreneur Christine Souffrant & Dia Draper from Tuck School of Business. Discussion focused on how social entrepreneurship is a form of activism.

May 2017: We co-hosted two Speed Stories with Tucker & the Thought Project, and the Living Learning Communities — Melanie Taylor (Native American Studies) & Prasad Jayanti (Computer Science). 35+ students attended each event. Professor Jayanti talked about his love of computer science and about how his experience as an immigrant shapes his academic life. Professor Taylor talked about how her working class background shaped and tested her path to becoming a professor.

May 2017: Co-sponsored the Indigenous Women and Leadership Conference.

May 2017: House Community interns & partners hosted the inaugural Third Space Dinner series — co-sponsored by DGALA. Dinners invited pairs of students from Dickey Center, Tucker, Farm Club, NAD, the Action Collective, OPAL Ambassadors, 4A, the SLC, EcoReps, and Triangle House to attend dinners and engage in a food centered discussion, over a local, gourmet meal, about the intersection of food with culture, class, race, injustice, community and more!

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