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Sweet Sweet Maple Syrup!

Our Sugar Crew has been busy since February running the sugaring operation at the Dartmouth Organic Farm and what a season it has been! The Sugar Crew is a group of students who stay in Hanover over spring break to learn the art of maple sugaring from local experts, hands on experience, and lots of hard work. Our Sugar Crew this year went on field trips all over Vermont and New Hampshire to learn from some of the best in the ‘biz. They boiled sap for hours and dumped hundreds of buckets of sap from our sugarbush. The crew also made some delicious meals (featuring everyone’s favorite ingredient: maple syrup).

Maple Syrup from the Dartmouth Organic Farm! Photo by: Johnny Sanchez '18

Some stats on the 2018 sugaring season so far this year:

- 120 trees tapped

- 400 ft. of lines installed in the sugarbush

- 520 gallons of sap boiled in our evaporator

- 13 gallons of syrup produced and bottled

- 1 giant snow bear built

- 45,000,000 pancakes (ok so we don’t have the actual data for this one, but this number feels right…)

Sap running in the Dartmouth Sugarbush Photo by: Johnny Sanchez '18

Don’t worry! There will be chances to get your hands on some of the sweet stuff at pop-up sales this spring! Stay tuned to our website calendar to find out when sales will be occurring.

Take a look inside the Sugar Crew journal, documenting field trips, daily life, and photos:

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