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It's always tricky to learn a new waste system and we know you want to do it right! We're here for you.​ At Dartmouth, we recycle, send stuff to landfill, and compost. Compost locations are at Collis and Baker/Berry. All of your pre-consumer waste and all the food waste from '53 Commons is also composted. We are working hard to improve our recycling rate and WE NEED YOU to help us do it! Be a decent human. Recycle. ​


  • PLEASE RECYCLE: Glass bottles, drink cans, tin cans, plastic bottles, plastics 1-7, writing paper, construction paper, & cardboard.

  • SEND TO LANDFILL: chip bags, flexible plastics like plastic bags and plastic wrap, small tidbits (caps etc), paper towels, tissues, TP, styrofoam, packing peanuts, FOOD, & anything with FOOD in it.

  • COMPOST: Food only!

  • DONATIONS: Clothing and things like furniture can all go to the Listen Center or the Upper Valley Haven. Don't throw them away, people need them! 



Dartmouth has a beautiful, walkable campus. Most students walk to and from class and the dining halls each day. It’s a good idea to find a reliable rain jacket or umbrella, and some comfy walking shoes or boots. The League of American Bicyclists has also designated Dartmouth as a Bicycle Friendly University at the Gold Level, and there are many opportunities for students to find a bike on campus. BUT DON’T BUY A BIKE YET! We recommend waiting until you are familiar with your individual transportation needs before you make a decision.



  • DARTMOUTH BIKES RENTAL PROGRAM: You can rent a bike from Dartmouth Bikes, a student run program that refurbishes abandoned bikes to rent to students. Students can rent a bike from Dartmouth Bikes for a termly fee, which includes a lock and a maintenance plan. This is great option for someone who knows he/she will be biking everyday but doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of storing a bike during the winter months.


  • BUY LOCAL: Last year more than 300 bikes were abandoned on campus. Most of these came from department stores, and rusted beyond repair. If you are thinking about buying a bike, we recommend avoiding department stores. Instead, try buying from a local bike shop, and investing in a bike that will retain its value. Omer & Bob’s and Mason Racing are two shops in Lebanon with knowledgeable staffs who can help you find a bike that will last until graduation. This is a good option for someone who knows they will bike everyday, and wants to get more out of their bike than campus cruising.


  • REGISTER YOUR BIKE: If you plan on bringing a bike or buying a bike, be sure to register it with Safety & Security, have a plan for maintenance, and plan ahead for winter storage.  



Advance Transit is a free public bus service you can use to get around campus. You also use AT to commute to towns in the Upper Valley area including Hanover, Lebanon, West Lebanon, Enfield and Canaan in New Hampshire and White River Junction, Norwich, Wilder, and Hartford Village in Vermont. Service hours vary by destination, but generally run from 6:00 am until 6:45 pm Monday through Friday with no service on the weekends. You can plan routes, get live updates, and see exactly when your bus will arrive with the interactive AT App. To download: Search "advancetransit" on App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).



The Dartmouth Coach bus service runs between Boston's Logan Airport and Hanover, NH. There is also a line connecting Hanover and Midtown, Manhattan. You can reach the Dartmouth Coach office at (603) 448-2800 (in New Hampshire) or (800) 637-0123 (outside New Hampshire). Normal business hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm EST, Monday through Friday.


From 53 Commons (FoCo), Collis Cafe, Courtyard, to Novak, there are a lot of delicious dining options here at Dartmouth to tickle any fancy and suite any dietary need or restriction. However, while you probably know that French fries are delicious but they don’t quite count as a serving of vegetables, maybe you don’t know how to eat in a green and sustainable way at Dartmouth. Here are some useful tips and strategies for making smart, sustainable choices at any dining hall on campus.


  • BRING YOUR OWN MUG: A small but important way to cut down waste: Dartmouth goes through about 4,000 paper and plastic cups A DAY.  By bringing your own mug, you not only reduce the amount of waste which gets carted away to landfills, but you are also potentially eligible for a free drink! All the DDS venues  give discounts if you bring your own mug while the King Arthur Flour Cafe in Baker Berry Library gives every 11th person who brings their own mug a free drink of their choice!

  • GREEN 2 GO REUSABLE CONTAINER SYSTEM: Many of the cafes and dining halls on campus have options for take-out. However, the provided containers are not recyclable and most of them end up in the garbage. For a one-time fee of $4, you can purchase a Green2Go container at 53 Commons, Novack or Collis Cafe, fill it up with your favorite food and bring it back to the dining hall to be exchanged for a clean one! These containers are a fantastic way to cut down on avoidable container waste. We used to toss 1000 plastic take away containers a day. 

  • EAT LESS MEAT: Meat consumption is one of the largest drivers of global climate change. Help reduce your impact by participating in MEATLESS MONDAYS and eating vegetarian every Monday! What is served in the dining halls is largely driven by student requests, so by eating less meat, you can tip the scales!

  • EAT LOCAL: Another great way to cut down the carbon footprint of your meals is by eating seasonal, local food.  You can chose local options (which are marked) in the dining halls, request more local food and even shop locally. There are several great farmers markets in the area where you can buy produce and other delicious goodies from local farmers and producers.

  • GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY: Get involved in growing your own food by coming out to the Dartmouth Organic Farm for a workday! There are lots of ways to get involved at the farm- volunteering, internships, socializing with friends! Click here or more info on what's happening at the O Farm.



Check out some fun, sustainability-related things to do at Dartmouth! Our events calendar and our Facebook page are jammed with fun options for getting outside, hanging out with cool folks and checking out sustainability! From s'more nights at the Farm to Sunday brunch at the Sustainable Living Center, we're always happy to see you! A couple of highlights are below: 


  • GET OUTSIDE: While Dartmouth has a reputation for being isolated, that’s not a bad thing! We are surrounded by amazing mountains which are just begging to be explored? Some nearby hikes include: 


  • HARFEST: The perfect combination of fall harvest and festival come together in this popular fall event, generally held in late October at the Dartmouth Organic Farm! Featuring delicious, local food, live music, and pumpkin carving, Harfest is the premier fall festival at Dartmouth and one you won’t want to miss!

  • CHILL AT THE FARM: Go hang out at the O Farm! Plan a pizza dinner, reserve the fire pit, have a nap by the river, or join a workday with your friends! Learn more here.

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